The bathroom is a place to start the day. Therefore, we need a bathroom that is functional, comfortable, and can improve the mood in the morning. There are so many styles or themes that you can try to apply to your bathroom. One that is currently popular is the Aesthetic Style.

Aesthetic style bathroom designs are not only liked by many people because of their beautiful and unique designs. Well, one part of the bathroom that you can shape into an aesthetic is your bathroom model with your wall style.

Here we provide some of the best themes and ideas about bathroom models with wall patterns that you can try.

4 Best Aesthetic Wall Pattern Bathroom Model Designs

A 8
For those of you who have a small bathroom, you can make this one design by maximizing the lighting by adding skylights to the ceiling. Apply a combination of white tile, natural stone walls, and light brown wood to brighten the atmosphere in the bathroom.

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B 7
Apart from choosing the right wall paint color, you can also use an accent wall to give a wider feeling to your bathroom. An accent wall accentuates one side of the room which creates a wider effect because it is different from the other sides such as this one design.

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C 8
This cool design will make you feel like you are in nature because the ceramic walls used will make the atmosphere more comfortable and controlled.

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D 7
For this one design, you can add patterns on the walls with wallpaper or marble with symmetrical lines that are not excessive like straight lines or squares and hexagons. With this, the display will look unique and remain minimalist without making it too boring.

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