A mezzanine house is one way that you can try for your little house. The mezzanine house is a solution to the problem of limited space.

A mezzanine is a floor, a place, or additional space that is functional and is in the middle of a building wall or between the floor and ceiling. The existence of a mezzanine is generally used to take advantage of a certain height of space, as well as for various additional activities that do not require full height to the ceiling.

This one design makes the house seem more spacious because the Mezzanine is basically a space created between two floors in a building. In fact, it was only given the additional space between the lower and upper floors. This additional building is insulated using concrete, wood, or steel.

Well, here we provide some Mezzanine House Concepts that you can try for your tiny home.

6 Mezzanine House Concepts That Are Suitable For Narrow Homes

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This mezzanine concept is suitable for those of you who have a narrow living room. You can even add additional furniture and space for guests to sit down.

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Most kitchens do not need full height to the ceiling. This way, you can make use of the remaining space above the kitchen. In the mezzanine design in this house, the upper part of the kitchen is used as a particular room, such as for the reading room, library, study, or bedroom.

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The bedroom also basically does not need full height to the ceiling so it can be vertically combined with other functions top or underneath.

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The existence of a workspace on the mezzanine floor can also make the atmosphere calmer and of course, you will get more concentration to complete your work at home.

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You can also apply the Mezzanine concept to those of you who like to read. You can use the mezzanine design as space for the storage of books. In addition to storing books, you can also place several sofas and reading lights in the room.

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You can apply a design like this to your tiny residence so that you have a large enough additional storage area.

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