45+ Most Unique And Modern Mediterranean Architecture

Modern minimalist style since a few years ago, even to this day is still a favorite type of home design today is a house with Mediterranean architecture. Indeed, the style of Mediterranean architecture offers a unique and luxurious architecture.

Quite difficult to determine luxury homes in the most specific sense because in general the type of house has a model, shape, size, and design vary. However, a brief overview of a luxury home is a magnificent, spacious house, exquisite interior exterior design, and synonymous with expensive and classy furniture.

In contrast to the type of minimalist house that maximizes the functionality due to certain limits, luxury homes tend to prioritize decoration to beautify the look of the house to look more luxurious and modern.

45 Most Unique And Modern Mediterranean Architecture 39
45 Most Unique And Modern Mediterranean Architecture 39

The decorative elements as well as the color of the soil that is applied to the walls of the house become one of the hallmarks of Mediterranean building design. Indeed, most homes with Mediterranean concepts tend to use terracotta colors or other natural colors such as the classic European house. Uniquely, Mediterranean design can be applied to any house size. Take a look at some of the architectural designs and interior designs of the Mediterranean houses below:

The design of luxury homes must necessarily involve more than one professional architectural force due to the many variations of both exterior and interior design, so each section requires special handling.

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